I wasn’t satisfied with any of them really, until I tried Behr’s paint and primer in one. Behr paint vs Kelly Moore or Sherwin Williams Thread starter Cube Dweller; Start date Apr 24, 2009; Watchers 2 Cube Dweller. Booo on Behr! They also will pay labor if they fuck up the color and stand behind their products a bit much. The titanium dioxide is not just unique to SW though, it's more a paint company vs. big box store issue than anything, as Ben Moore has similar pricing and product. It costs about $10 less per gallon and goes on much easier. They are pretty much exact the same price. Overall Consensus on Behr vs. Sherwin Williams In conclusion, the durability, performance, and versatility of products from Sherwin Williams, is definitely better for me than Behr. “For those jobs, Sherwin-Williams’ ProMar 200 and 400 will do the job quite well at a low price. 4 years ago. That's what makes it more durable and have a better lifespan, but it's also the most expensive component, so when the cost of it goes up like it did in the early 2010s, it impacts our paint more than Behr. Once siding is properly prepped, Begue likes Sherwin-Williams’ Duration Exterior Acrylic Coating in satin, which he and his painters spray on. Reply . Behr clocks in at $42 for a gallon of their high-quality grade Premium Plus Ultra Exterior paint. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Corporate culture and such is a different story. Ultra spec will be around 28-36 a gallon and is a lot better than the lower end SW and all Behr. #T18-09 Soft Focus Matte Interior/Exterior Paint & Primer Sample-MQ30016 - The Home Depot The next component of value is durability. Here’s the deal on the Behr vs. Valspar debate. I do like the idea of the better leveling because this is one thing that annoyed me when we built out house...the one coat of paint on our walls definitely has that roller texture and in some places it's pretty bad. It’s more expensive than the high-end Behr Marquee paint and all other Benjamin Moore paints except for Aura. Bottom of the barrel, a step above that, the better, and then the best. I couldn't find what color I wanted at Home Depot, so I thought about Sherwin Williams. Sherwin Williams has worked well for me in the past. I don't know where you live but I am a fan of regional products that are made for where you live, and you will be supporting your regional economy instead of a massive corporation such as SW or Home Depot. A good friend of mine paints high end residential and commercial properties. Sherwin Williams has really great sales several times a year. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. $21.71 per hour: $54,045 per year: Operator. Edited for some grammatical and spelling errors. All three are self priming, which means one coat an serve as a primer and a second as the topcoat. “Before this product came out, we had to use two coats of our previous paint,” he notes. Glidden on the other hand is much cheaper. I even went to the store this afternoon to get a sample and when I asked the two people who work there, one women said she didn't know anything about other paints and the guy in the back yelled "ours is just a hell of a lot better" and also said he doesn't know anything about other paint brands...well then how do you know yours is better? The 2-Day Window Replacement DIY That Wasn’t. Get multiple bids from painters, ask their opinions, try to make the best choice. Regarding the store, they need the fear of something put into them. The only drawback to Marquee paint is the limited selection. Cramer: Sherwin-Williams deal a 'shocker' Mad Money with Jim Cramer After last week's action on the market, Jim Cramer was feeling that stocks were overbought, and he was ready to … Try a blind paint test. Compare company reviews, salaries and ratings to find out if Behr or Sherwin-Williams is right for you. If something goes wrong, they stand behind their product. I say buy the cheaper one (Behr on sale most likely) and see if you like it. I agree--My husband is a painter and that is what he uses Behr. I painted a wall Broncos orange with a navy blue stripe using Duration for the orange and Cashmere for the blue, and both of them covered in a single coat. Easy to apply and touches up very nicely. Facebook 0 Twitter Pinterest 0 0 Likes. I have used both Behr and SW and they are both the same as far as hardiness. A contractor can get their top of the line products at really good discount prices. From my experience (based on Sherwin Williams contractor grade semi gloss white vs Behr … but the second was for depth of color, not coverage. It’s AWESOME!!!! I put on a primer coat. 16+ Sherwin Williams Vs Behr. That paint was awesome for the money. Your painter may just like the way one works more than the other, or the fact that Behr isnt really marketed a lot to contractors, or has some rebate deal worked with SW, or just likes the people there, who knows? Dries too fast, drags, and has adhesion issues. I do odd jobs for ppl such as a handy man whem I'm not at work and that's what a few of my customers have picked up to paint with. What are the qualities of Behr that made you switch from SW? I’ve used Sherwin Williams, Ralph Lauren, and Behr for years. Apr 24, 2009. Every time I use Sherwin Williams paint I get roller spatter all over me and anything not covered in plastic. Powers paint rating which rated the Sherwin Williams paint products significantly better overall than the Behr brand. Behr Marquee is Behr's highest-end paint and is marketed as such. Valspar has had so much brand loyalty that even when Sherwin-Williams acquired them, they retained the name. Thank you for the information. I should have never left Sherwin-williams to try something new. Bear is better then SW. Used SW everyday for 10 of those years. This ensures the highest quality time after time and can after can with absolute consistency. Specifically I've looked at the following paints from SW in my research. Two leading paint brands are Sherwin Williams and Behr. I currently have behr and sw paint in our home. I am going to be painting my entire downstairs and trying to figure out which paint to go with. A lot of people dismiss paint as a mere cosmetic enhancement. the coverage is much better, but you have to load the roller more often. Behr abvertises as beng the best overall, i have used both and yes sherwin is more expensive hiwever i did get better results over behr. Compare salary information for Sherwin-Williams and Behr. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the Behr brand. I love Sherwin Williams and will not use anything else. That's 5 coats total. I am painting a bathroom Burgandy that was Peach. I've used both. Sherwin Williams colors are factory-mixed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If you took any two like products between SW and Behr you'll note that the volume solid % on the Behr product is always higher. Aura is comparable to Behr Marquee and Sherwin Williams Emerald. ... Their Marquee paint is a little more expensive than that. Some reviewers claim that Behr’s coverage on sheet metal is so poor that a coating of Sherwin Williams’ product was required in order to cover the job completely. We would use Aura if we were painting a bedroom navy blue or an office white. Moderator. For art related questions please see r/art, Press J to jump to the feed. Required fields are marked *. Boju Sherwin Williams uglavnom koriste izvođači koji isporučuju boju za svoje klijente uz velike popuste. I vote for Benjamin Moore paint any … Also added a statement about seasonal useage of different products. I will never use the product again. I like it but I'm sure a Sherwin Williams paint would be much better for coverage and such. Compare Sherwin Williams and Behr pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews. You get what you pay for the majority of the time but when you buy SW, you buy peace of mind. While I've never used a SW product, I have used Behr, and I was not happy with it. Classic meets modern with a timeless appeal.Did. It's interesting because I have noticed that "stickiness" factor with Behr where like you say it seems to stay tacky forever and if something is touching for too long it sticks. Also added a statement about seasonal useage of different products. Their Diamond brand is their higher quality paint and is a little more than their other paints. Unbiased opinions were retrieved based on our individual experience using the products. In the end, i'd like to find a paint that flows off a brush as easily as the sherwin williams but with the flattening and smoothness of the behr finish. My second issue is their advertising campaigns claiming it will do everything including putting the kids to bed at night. I agree--My husband is a painter and that is what he uses Behr. Sherwin Williams is also expensive if you're not a contractor. I will say though the "paint store experience" and having familiar faces are a huge benefit when shopping at an SW store. Valspar’s high-grade DuraMax Exterior paint costs a little less at $39 a gallon. So I tried Glidden paint and primer in one. The advantage that SW paint has over Behr is the amount of Titanium Dioxide that goes in to the paint. There's no such thing as a stupid question in r/paint. Reply. If we use Behr … It's pretty good at covering on the first coat and it turns out nice. I hope this helps. And please don't just tell me Behr is shit, I've been reading that all day and it's not helpful and based on my experience with it I personally don't feel that way. Jun 4, 2020 - Find out which interior paint is better: Behr or Sherwin Williams. Behr paint rolls on with almost no spatter. Learn more, read reviews and see open jobs. It's also the reason that Behr can get those bright pastel colors and Ultra Pure White that SW can have issues with. Overall, when comparing Sherwin Williams products and Behr products, Sherwin Williams comes out ahead on coverage, color consistency, in-store assistance, and long-term value. The guy below me is blowing smoke up your ass about 70$ SW paint It's like mid 30s like half the time when it's on sale. Coverage is important in a paint. This factor determines how many coats of paint will be required to produce an acceptable result. You can compare solids percentages, but it may not matter if you are comparing low quality solids to high quality solids of the same name. If you are personally painting many rooms yourself and are a tic sensitive SW is slightly less stinky. Helpful. Customers can wash the paint multiple times to remove stains and the colors stay true and don’t rub off. Most people want broadly hide and what is referred to loosely as "workability". Your email address will not be published. Definately stay away from Behr - They are absolutely horrible. Pretty good, but hits the wallet hard at $38 a gallon. For the most part yes. K. It really is a crapshoot when you approach it as "which one's best" rather than "What do I want?". Compare working at Behr vs Sherwin-Williams. Behr paint does have a stronger paint smell. Behr paint does have a stronger paint smell. I would assume that more of it would make something whiter but is there a plateau where the amount no longer has an impact? We even tried Floetrol with it. I would look around for a Benjamin Moore store in your area and buy ultra spec or Ben. Both may meet your needs. Before delving into a painting project, preview the color with the BEHR MARQUEE 8 oz. The fewer coats needed for a job, the better, from a standpoint of time as well as cost. I drive past HD every day of my life so I tend to use Behr. Home Depot has computer color matching and can mix ANY color you want. But the truth is that the paint on a home is the home’s first line of defense against the harsh weather conditions in the Northeast, and against damage by insects, rot, and algae. United Home Experts Wins “Top Place to Work” by The Boston Globe for 3rd Year In A Row, United Home Experts: New England's Choice For Siding, Roofing, Windows & Door Installations. I've been researching all day and I haven't been able to find out why people say SW is better. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. if it isn't broken do not fix it. The ratings provided are opinion based and not the result of lab testing or product specification examination. So I tried Glidden paint and primer in one. We welcome questions from the public as well! Just to lead: I work at Sherwin Williams, so I've got a bias coming in. Promar 200 is good for contractors and comes in a little under superpaint, maybe closer to mCormick revo. Valspar’s high-grade DuraMax Exterior paint costs a little less at $39 a gallon. I thought that any popular brand paint would do, so i tried behr: Which White For Richard Or Poorer from 1.bp.blogspot.com. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Anything other than price which I also agree is steep for SW. What makes one paint better than another is subjective. Horrible paint to work with. I want to stay around $30-$35 a gallon. Behr clocks in at $42 for a gallon of their high-quality grade Premium Plus Ultra Exterior paint. Valspar vs sherwin williams reddit. Out of the 4 noted above, I like the Sherwin Williams or Olympic. on Aug 1, 2012. Sample. I thought that any popular brand paint would do, so I tried Behr: It takes 3 coats every time to cover and its inconsistant! Paint companies have labs where they design & test paint formulas. In this post, we dig into each brand to see which provides more value and is inherently a better choice to withstand the extreme temperature and humidity variations in the Northeast? herm0016 Diamond Member. Valspar Commenting Policy: The Valspar Paint Facebook page is intended to provide a place for our fan See More. You’ll have to pick from the Behr Marquee Collection. Sherwin Williams products generally cost more than Behr. Behr Marque vs Sherwin Williams Duration, Part 2. I'm looking for specifics like SW has more pigment, SW viscosity allows it to flow/smooth out better, etc. Glidden vs. Behr: Price. In regards to those three products, here's the quick breakdown: Cashmere - it will dry with a very smooth finish that will get you a very nice high end look on the wall, and will help soften the edges of texture.